Cars stuck in traffic on a highway
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Here Are the 10 Worst States in the U.S. You Can Drive In

Aside from baseball, it seems as though driving is America’s favorite past time, especially during a global pandemic. However, according to the Office of Highway Policy Information, the cumulative amount of travel as of October 2020 was down 380 billion vehicle miles nationwide, which is a 13.9-percent decrease over 2019. But despite the fact that …

An auto mechanic performs maintenance on a car
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There Are 4 Words Every Car Mechanic Absolutely Dreads Hearing

Being an auto mechanic can be challenging. In a way, mechanics are vehicle doctors that find, diagnose, and fix problems and perform maintenance. But they also must communicate effectively with vehicle owners. They must possess both technical and customer service skills. And if you asked a service technician to talk about his or her day, you’d probably …

View of car salesman showing vehicle to family
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5 Car Buying Myths That You Need to Forget About

Car dealerships and the whole car-buying experience have gotten a bad rap over the years and it’s no surprise considering there are so many myths that we’ve been led to believe. However, just like in any other business, not everything that we have all heard about dealerships and buying a car is true, but the …

Green and yellow BMW M3 Competition models driving on a track
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Audi and BMW to End Monthly Subscription Services

Popular luxury car mavens Audi and BMW have finally announced the end of their vehicle subscription services. Many customers may not have even known that this service was available, in part because it wasn’t all that popular for either brand, but at the end of the month, all current and active subscription plans will end, …

A yellow 2016 Porsche Boxster S
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What Your Car’s Color Says About You

Ever notice you’re drawn to certain car colors but not others? Popularity, trends, and availability can influence your choice of car features. But your preference for car color can also reveal a great deal about your personal experiences and personality. Does your car match your personality? And do your tastes fit with the biggest and …

Two black Hertz Rental Camaros
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Where Do Rental Cars Go When They are Retired?

If you have ever rented a car, then you’re familiar with the whole process. First, you rent the car, then you drive it around to go sight-seeing or conduct business, and when you’re done, you drop the car and keys off at the rental agency and part ways. But what you might not be privy …

The 2017 Tucson's rearview camera
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How to Add a Backup Camera to Your Car

Backup, or rearview, cameras have been widely popular over the past decade due to their widespread use in new cars as well as the added layer of safety they provide. Of course, having a backup camera in your car doesn’t mean that you can completely forgo looking over your shoulder to ensure that the coast …

The word, RECALL, is displayed on a smartphone.
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Recall Alert: 3 Million Ford and Mazda Vehicles Over Airbag Concerns

The Takata airbag safety recall has been ongoing for many years. But, it is not over. The NHTSA is recommending Ford recall 3 million more vehicles over airbag concerns.  What’s wrong with the airbags? The original Takata airbag recall was initiated after several injuries and deaths were recorded resulting from the deployment of airbags. After studying the situation, the …

A young man driving a car through the mountains
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Buying Car Insurance Doesn’t Have to Be Confusing

Shopping for car insurance can be confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. Once you have a good understanding of the most common car insurance types and how buying it actually works, buying car insurance really isn’t such a confusing process. The most common types of car insurance coverage First things first, it’s important to …

A person doing car buying research on their laptop.
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Has the Pandemic Changed Car Buying Forever?

Buying a new car from a dealership hasn’t always been the easiest walk in the park. First, you have to find the car that you want, then you have to deal with a salesperson to get through the whole process. However, the one fortunate thing that the global pandemic has brought us is a new …

A blue 2020 Mini Cooper Oxford Edition on display in front of a building
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Buying a New Mini Cooper Doesn’t Seem That Fun Anymore

Enthusiasts have long hailed the Mini Cooper as one of the best options if you want a fun driving experience. Style and available luxury are also obvious reasons to pick the Mini Cooper over other small cars. Though, there’s one primary reason why buying a new 2021 Mini Cooper isn’t all that appealing. The Mini Cooper lost an …

The 2021 Toyota Sienna Limited trim parked in the desert
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The 2021 Toyota Sienna Is Faster Than This Ferrari

The arrival of the 2021 Toyota Sienna marks a massive leap forward for the model. In an attempt to spice up the minivan, the Sienna gets a premium cabin, heaps of tech, and even a sharpened aesthetic. For 2021, the Toyota comes exclusively with a hybrid powertrain, boasting excellent efficiency figures. Despite this, the fuel-efficient …

2021 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T being driven
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5 of the Most Car-Seat Friendly New Cars

Shopping for a compact car or sedan can be tough when you have little ones to transport. You have to make sure the car has enough head- and legroom, enough cupholders and storage, and, most importantly, the right safety equipment to keep everyone safe in case the worst should happen. Fortunately, Carmax took some of …

A gray 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 RS on a track
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Porsche Lawsuit: Is It Lying About Emissions And Mileage?

A new lawsuit has just been filed against Porsche. It alleges that Porsche gets lower fuel economy and higher emissions than the company advertises. It takes in both the iconic 911 and Panamera. The plaintiff alleges he suffered “damage in the form of overpayment and diminished value.” Is Porsche lying about emissions and mileage? The …

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It’s 2021: About Damn Time To Raise Speed Limits!

Have you ever been driving and everything feels fine, then you look at your speed as you pass the police and you’re cruising along at 85 mph? But it felt like you were doing 60 mph? Welcome to 2021-it’s about damn time to raise speed limits.  Drivers feel more comfortable hitting these higher speeds There …

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Rusty Monday: Smashed But Saved-So Far

We mostly stay true to the title of these dives into rusty derelicts, but we’ll deviate this week with Rusty Monday. These are derelicts for sure, but they are also more smashed with rust. You look at some of these and wonder how that happened? They’re smashed but saved-at least so far. Maybe they’re parts …

The vortex generators on a white 2018 Honda Civic Type R
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Do Vortex Generators Actually Help Road Cars?

Car spoilers have a purpose besides being flashy accessories. Although they’re technically not wings, both they and spoilers use the air rushing around cars to reduce lift. However, they’re not the only aerodynamic aide available to road cars. Some models, like the Honda Civic Type R, are starting to feature vortex generators as well. But …

The intake manifold, throttle body, and throttle cable of a 1999 Mazda MX-5 Miata
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Your Throttle Cable Could Use an Adjustment

Getting an internal-combustion engine up and running requires a lot of moving parts. And without proper maintenance, the entire process can grind (sometimes literally) to a halt. Hence why fuel injectors sometimes need cleaning and spark plugs need changing, and so on. But some maintenance items need attention even if the part in question isn’t …

A Mazda MX-5RF car is displayed at the Beijing auto show
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Mazda’s Consistency Won the Company an Impressive Award

Mazda is a Japanese company that sells multiple styles of passenger vehicles in the United States. Its focus is on “zippy, engaging performance,” according to U.S. News & World Report. The quality of its performance paired with its interiors and value have earned Mazda awards over the years. In a recognition of the brand’s ongoing …

A diesel engine stands in front of a Ford Transit delivery van at Ford's stand at the IAA Commercial Vehicles
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Ford Transit Vans Made This Surprising List for 2020

If you ask the average American about the best-selling cars in America, a few models may come to mind. Many people drive trucks like the Ford F-150 or sedans like the Toyota Camry, and they are some of the best-selling cars in the U.S. That being said, surprisingly, Ford Transit vans are also some of …

2017 Honda Odyssey is on display at the 109th Annual Chicago Auto Show
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‘Macho’ Van: The 2021 Honda Odyssey Gets Manlier?

Minivans aren’t generally known for their rugged or aggressive styling. Arriving in 1984 with the Dodge Caravan, the minivan quickly developed an uncool “soccer mom” reputation, according to USA Today. The 2021 Honda Odyssey has inched in a more macho direction though. Here’s a look at the “manlier” 2021 Honda Odyssey. The new look of …

A dark-colored 2021 Kia Sedona travels on a suburban street
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This New Kia Looks Like a Hearse, Complete With Curtains

Van life has exploded stateside in the past year. And though some people might want a cool-looking ride, not everyone wants an eerie-looking one. But one fancy minivan in the Korean market resembles something akin to a hearse. Here’s a look at the Kia Carnival Hi Limousine and its connection to the Kia Sedona. The …