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Is This What Finally Fixes Everything Wrong With NASCAR?

Where do we start? Everyone seems to have an idea for how NASCAR should fix what’s wrong with its cup series. Attendance is down and the reasons are almost as many as there are enthusiasts. But the NASCAR hierarchy has been diligent in addressing some of its longstanding issues one at a time. Now it …

Harrison Burton, Joe Gibbs Racing, Toyota Supra (20); Brandon Jones, Joe Gibbs Racing, Toyota Supra Toyota (19); and Noah Gragson, JR Motorsports, Chevrolet Camaro (9) during the 39th-annual NASCAR Racing Experience 300 on February 15, 2020, at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida
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What Toyota Model Is Used in NASCAR?

At one time, NASCAR was one of the most popular fan sports in the United States. Although in recent years it has experienced a decline due to economic factors, many notable automakers have participated since its inception. Nowadays, only three major automakers participate in NASCAR races: Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota. Most consumers know Toyota SUVs …

Three NASCAR cars, including Lee Petty's No. 42 Oldsmobile Super 88, head toward the finish line at the first Daytona 500 in 1959
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Which Car Won the First Daytona 500?

The Great American Race has a long, storied history, and its roots run deep within the country. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a shock that a good ol’ American car won the first Daytona 500. The race took place on Feb. 22, 1959. And the vehicles involved hardly resemble NASCAR’s next-gen cars. But just …

An image of NASCAR's next-gen car testing on a racetrack.
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Kurt Busch Pinpoints Key Issues With NASCAR’s Next-Gen Car

Following massive global pandemic-related delays to the development of NASCAR’s next-gen car, testing is underway. With Kurt Busch’s help, the development team is working relentlessly to iron out any faults with the next-gen car. However, a new report by Motorsport indicates that there is much work to be done. Busch reportedly pinpointed vital issues surrounding …

NASCAR virtual racing
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NBC Sports Is Dead: What Will NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA Do?

Sad news this week that NBC Sports Network is shutting down. Home to motorsports coverage like IndyCar, NASCAR, and IMSA, what will those sanctioning bodies do? Will there ever be motorsports broadcast on mainstream networks? Is motorsports racing dying so quickly NBC is bailing on all that it supports? With the growth of ESPN and …

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Report: BMW May Be Headed To NASCAR Racing

When was the last time a German manufacturer fielded a race car in NASCAR? How about never. Actually, there are only three manufacturers currently running cars in NASCAR. Chevy, Ford, and Toyota are the only ones. Wouldn’t it be great if a German manufacturer were to jump into the running? It might be happening. A …

Tony Stewart during demonstration run at F1 grand prix in Austin
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Is This Finally How NASCAR Should Fix NASCAR?

Do you know any NASCAR fan that doesn’t have a litany of ways NASCAR should fix itself? Let’s be honest, it’s been going downhill for over a decade. You see it in the stands, hear it from the fans, and feel it if you still watch or attend events. The weird and complicated points system, …

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace stands with an American flag face mask, in his blue racing suit, with ear protection and sunglasses on
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Bubba Wallace Brushes Off Hate From POTUS

In many instances, there are added responsibilities when it comes to being Black. Professional stock car racer Bubba Wallace proves that. Wallace has been in the headlines not only for his latest stats but because he is black. He is the only full-time black driver in the NASCAR organization. This has put him in the …

NASCAR starting line
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Real NASCAR Racing is Back with Accelerated Schedule

The virtual NASCAR races of recent weeks have been fun to watch, but real racing is back, sorta. Announced in a press release today, NASCAR will return to racing beginning May 17th. So there are still three weeks until the in real-life race day greets us again. After that, the schedule is accelerated.  In a …

NASCAR starting line
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Fans Barred From NASCAR, IndyCar Races From Coronavirus

Today we are seeing the complete elimination or postponement of sporting events in the US. For auto racing enthusiasts that also includes NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA, and NHRA races. Sunday’s season-opening IndyCar season in St. Petersburg, Florida, will be without spectators. For NASCAR’s race in Atlanta, Georgia, this weekend it would be immediately followed next week …

Cars racing down the track during a Formula 1 race in Australia
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Coronavirus Will Not Stop Firestone Grand Prix

Wednesday morning, the Mayor of Saint Petersburg Florida went on record in a press conference to say that the 16th Annual Firestone Grand Prix will go on this weekend. The conference was held to address concerns of Coronavirus’s impact in the area and to the event.   Embrace The Race The Mayor, Rick Kriseman, began the press …

Race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. in his car.
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Motorsport Is Making Coronavirus Adjustments

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization on their website declared, “COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic.” This means that there is a major concern for the health and wellbeing of humans globally. Indeed, the Coronavirus, as it is commonly known, is no respecter of national borders, political parties, religious faith, or even gender. So, …

NASCAR starting line
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What’s Happening to NASCAR?

Decades ago, NASCAR was the “it” thing. It celebrated the award of its first big television contract in 1999 with Fox/FX and NBC/TBS, fans were flocking to the sport, and seating couldn’t be built fast enough at the tracks. So, what happened? Look at NASCAR now, and you see a company that has gone from boom to mild …

NASCAR Next-Gen Rules Changes | NASCAR-2
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Will NASCAR Be Dragged Into The 1980s With New Rules Changes?

Whoever said “time changes everything” never followed NASCAR. No change is a good change to the overlords of NASCAR. Those 15-inch tires and carburetors were good for NASCAR’s forefathers, so they should be good for the young whippersnappers of today. But having relevance to cars and technology of today and tomorrow is a draw. Especially …

2016 Camburg Racing Toyota Tacoma TRD
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Truck Racing You Should Be Watching

Considering the wide range of activities pickup trucks are used for—towing, carrying motorcycles, hauling people—there’s no reason not to add ‘racing’ to the list. Why should sports car owners get all the fun in seeing their favorite brands duke it out on screen? And it’s not just professional factory teams out there, either. Some racing …