Honda submits patent application for autonomous motorcycle drone
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Honda Is Making a Futuristic Drone That flies Out of Your Bike

Drones used to be these hyper futuristic devices that felt more like the Marvel Cinematic Universe than they felt real. These days drones are nearly as ubiquitous as microwaves. They deliver stuff, photograph, and film, and even put on spectacular light shows. The dirtbike and dual-sport worlds have really taken a shine to the films …

A close-up of a red 2020 Ducati Panigale V4 S's dash with TFT display and a silver Ohlins steering damper
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Your Motorcycle Might Need a Steering Damper

Changing things like the handlebars and wheels on your motorcycle isn’t always just about aesthetics. As with aftermarket mirrors, some modifications are as much about safety and comfort as they are about looks. Especially when it comes to handling-related accessories. And if you’re trying to improve your bike’s handling, one common recommendation is fitting a …

A black Valentine V1 Gen2 radar detector with its Bluetooth and red directional arrows lit up
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Is Investing in a Radar Detector Worth It?

From new windshield wipers to extra power outlets, there are plenty of accessories available to make life easier for motorists. And if you’re planning a road trip, one common recommendation is a police radar detector. Anyone with a history of speeding tickets would likely consider it a must-have. But is it an accessory worth buying? …

A matte-gray-and-brown 2021 Triumph Bonneville Bobber
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The 2022 Triumph Bonneville Bobber Is a British American Classic

Usually, bobbers are associated with American motorcycles. For example, the latest Indian Scout Bobber. However, just like American companies have dabbled in café racers, so too have European brands released bobbers. And for 2022, British brand Triumph has updated its own Bonneville Bobber. What makes the 2022 Triumph Bonneville Bobber different from the regular Bonneville? …

A red-and-silver 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 in front of a gray background
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Retro Rivals: 2022 Triumph Bonneville vs. Moto Guzzi V7

While it makes several retro bikes, Triumph is arguably best-known for the iconic Bonneville. And for 2022, the entire lineup is getting an update. But there’s another vintage-style motorcycle that was also recently updated: the Moto Guzzi V7. So, now that these classic-looking bikes have been refreshed, which one should you pick? The 2021 Moto …

Harley Davidson supercharger patent drawing
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Harley-Davidson Is Working on a Bolt-On Supercharger For V-Twins

If the Jeep Wrangler is the King of the aftermarket in the 4×4 world, then Harley-Davidson is definitely the King in the motorcycle world. Harley peeps love to dress their big V-twins to the nines. Although Harley-Davidson does offer bolt-on big-bore kits and pistons and such, most Harley aftermarket stuff tends toward vanity, until now. …

A rider on the orange Ural electric cT motorcycle concept with its sidecar on a city street
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Can You Convert a Classic Motorcycle Into an Electric One?

While riding a classic motorcycle can certainly be fun, it requires some additional upkeep compared to a modern one. Classic bikes have carburetors, for one, as well as older ignition systems and brake designs. Admittedly, you can upgrade or swap out these vintage components for modern parts that require less maintenance. But what about ditching …

A silver-and-yellow 2021 Buell Motorcycles 1190RX Hammerhead
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Third Time’s the Charm: Buell Motorcycles Is Back—Again

Sometimes, a shuttered motorcycle brand comes back from the dead. It happened to Indian, after all, and Soriano. And some companies are resurrected more than once. Up until now, it seemed like Buell Motorcycles would just be another brand left by the wayside. But now it’s back for the third time. Buell Motorcycles and EBR …

A black 1956 Matchless G45 production race motorcycle by a wall on a black-and-white checkerboard
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Matchless: A Classic British Motorcycle Marque Worth Remembering

For every revived motorcycle brand like BSA, there’s an equal number of classic ones that still lay by the wayside. Here in the US, for example, we have historic brands like Henderson and Pierce-Arrow. And from Britain, we have marques like Vincent and Velocette. But there’s also Matchless. Matchless made its reputation through winning races …

The rear 3/4 view of a black 2022 Indian Chief in a sunlit garage
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Hail To the Indian Chief: The 100th Anniversary Brings New Looks and Tech

Vintage-inspired designs are found in every corner of the motorcycle world. That’s especially true for many of the cruisers Harley-Davidson and Indian offer. However, even historic models evolved over their lifetimes—why should their modern versions be any different? That’s why, for the 100th anniversary of the Chief, Indian is giving it a redesign. And it’s …

MotoGP riders Bradley Smith on a black-and-white bike and Johann Zarco on a white-and-blue bike countersteer their motorcycles around a corner
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Why Do You Need To Countersteer on a Motorcycle?

Safely riding your motorcycle isn’t just about having the right gear. Yes, you need to have a good helmet and the proper armor. But just like with cars, riding requires learning the necessary skills. And knowing how to countersteer on your motorcycle is one of them. How do you countersteer on a motorcycle? Countersteering goes …

The side view of a gold-brown 1976 Honda CB550 Four in front of a white shed
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The Honda CB550 Is an Overlooked Classic Super Standard

It’s hard to overstate the CB750’s impact on the motorcycle world. When it launched in 1969, its affordable performance and technology helped coin the term ‘superbike.’ It also launched the Universal Japanese Motorcycle segment, and inspired rivals like the BMW R90S. But the CB750’s status can overshadow some of the other contemporary Honda four-cylinder bikes—including …

A motorcycle rider and passenger wave from a maroon Harley-Davidson
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Why Do Motorcycle Riders Wave To Each Other?

It used to be that a black leather jacket was the traditional motorcycle rider calling card. Not just to other people, but to fellow riders as well. But while a Schott Perfecto is no longer de rigueur, the motorcycling community is still all about camaraderie. And part of expressing it is with the ‘motorcycle wave.’ …

A black-clad rider on a white 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa on a track
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The 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa Is Fit To Fly Again

Since the first rumors of the Hayabusa’s return hit the Internet, Suzuki’s reborn superbike has prompted significant speculation. What kind of engine would it use? Would it still be as ridiculously fast? Well, those questions can finally be answered, because Suzuki has officially revealed the 2022 Hayabusa. And from the looks of things, ‘Busa fans …

American stunt rider Evel Knievel (1938-2007) pops a wheelie on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle circa 1975
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There Was Only 1 Harley-Davidson Good Enough for Evel Knievel

Robert Knievel, better known as Evel Knievel, captured what motorcycle culture is all about. His rebellious nature fueled his bold and ambitious career as a professional daredevil. “Evil Knievel” was the nickname a police officer gave him in jail one night after he crashed his motorcycle while trying to escape the fuzz. But fearing an …

A black-clad rider taking a corner on a red 2020 Suzuki Hayabusa
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Suzuki Is Letting the Hayabusa Fly Once More

While bikes like the BMW S 1000 RR can out-handle the Hayabusa, the Suzuki sportbike wasn’t really about corner carving. No, it earned its reputation on its ludicrous levels of speed. Unfortunately, regulation changes meant Suzuki had to clip the Hayabusa’s wings, seemingly for good. But based on some recently-released videos, it seems the ‘Busa …

The diagram of Michelin's electric reverse motorcycle motor patent
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Michelin’s Patent Could Give Any Motorcycle a Reverse Gear

From quickshifters to lighter wheels, there are plenty of accessories available to motorcycle riders. Some modifications focus on making the bike quicker. But others, like aftermarket mirrors, are about making riding easier, safer, and/or more comfortable. The latest patent from Michelin falls into that vein. But it’s not, as you might expect, some kind of …

A tan-colored 2022 Kawasaki KLR650 ABS
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The Kawasaki KLR650 Is Back To Explore Once More

2-wheeled off-roading fans certainly had reason to mourn when Kawasaki discontinued the KLR650 in 2018. Although the dual-sport was a bit of a dinosaur, its simplicity was part of its appeal; hence its 32-year production run. Still, while used models are plentiful and affordable, the cancellation left Kawasaki without an entry for the currently-booming large-capacity …

A black 2020 Harley-Davidson Street 750
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It’s the End of the Road for the Harley-Davidson Street 750 and 500

Despite its financial struggles, Harley-Davidson is going forward with some of its anticipated motorcycle introductions. The Pan American adventure bike, for example, has a 2021 release date. So does the Custom 1250, though it may have a different name. However, not all of the company’s bikes are heading into 2021. Specifically, the Harley-Davidson Street 750 …

The black 2021 KTM 390 Adventure optional spoked wheels with blue and orange inner tubes
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Should You Give Your Off-Road Motorcycle Spoked Wheels?

Going off-roading on your motorcycle can be fun, provided you have the right gear. However, that doesn’t just mean getting the right helmet, jacket, boots, gloves, and so on. Your bike also has to be prepped for the off-pavement excursion. But besides installing a skid plate, an off-road motorcycle needs the right tires and wheels. …

The black Kingston Custom 'Spirit of Passion' custom 2021 BMW R 18
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Kingston Custom Takes the 2021 BMW R 18 Art Deco

The 2021 R 18 is BMW’s take on the retro-style cruiser, complete with Bavarian flair. And some of its design elements harken back to the German brand’s classic models. Naturally, though, some tuners and customizers are always willing to take BMW’s bikes further in terms of performance and style. For example, Kinston Custom, the shop …

Jay Leno on his red 1975 Suzuki RE5
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Jay Leno’s Rotary 1975 Suzuki RE5 Is Smooth but Unsuccessful

While the return of the rotary to Mazda’s US lineup is great news for the engine’s fans, it’s worth pointing out that it’s not the only automaker to use it. And cars aren’t the only motor vehicles to feature the ‘spinning Dorito.’ A small handful of motorcycles used rotary engines in the past. And recently, …

A silver 2021 Sondors Metacycle in a warehouse
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E-Bike Maker Sondors Has a $5000 Electric Motorcycle

As e-bikes grow in popularity, they’re starting to edge into the territory and price category of cheap urban-focused motorcycles. In fact, a few motorcycle companies, including Triumph and Ducati, have branched out to e-bikes to reach more customers. But the reverse is also possible, as e-bike maker Sondors has demonstrated with its Metacycle electric motorcycle. …

The intake manifold, throttle body, and throttle cable of a 1999 Mazda MX-5 Miata
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Your Throttle Cable Could Use an Adjustment

Getting an internal-combustion engine up and running requires a lot of moving parts. And without proper maintenance, the entire process can grind (sometimes literally) to a halt. Hence why fuel injectors sometimes need cleaning and spark plugs need changing, and so on. But some maintenance items need attention even if the part in question isn’t …

A modified yellow Coca-Cola-liveried 1980 Piaggio Ape
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The Piaggio Ape Is a 3-Wheeled Vespa Mini Truck

Although Vespa scooters are designed around urban commuting, they’re more capable than some may realize. Classic models even compete in off-road rallies from time to time. However, given that they’re scooters, Vespas aren’t necessarily the most practical choice when it comes to hauling cargo. At least, most Vespas aren’t; the Piaggio Ape, aka the Vespa …

A black 2021 Triumph Bonneville T100 by a brick wall
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Is the 2021 Triumph Bonneville T100 Just a De-Contented T120?

If you’re looking for a new bike with a classic look, Triumph is a popular choice. The British brand has several retro models, such as the Thruxton café racer and off-road Scrambler lineup. But the Triumph Bonneville is arguably the brand’s most iconic model, retro or otherwise. And today, you can buy it in two …

The contact breakers for a Honda CB750 ignition system
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Classic Motorcycle Ignition Systems Are Simpler Yet More Complicated

For those looking to start riding a classic motorcycle, know that it comes with some unique, and more frequent, maintenance needs. These bikes have manually-adjusting carburetors, for example, and shorter overall service intervals. Plus, those used to modern computerized ignition systems might be overwhelmed when it comes time to fixing a classic motorcycle’s system. But …

A white-and-red 2021 Honda CB1300 Super Four
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The 2021 Honda CB1300 Bikes Are Future JDM Collectibles

Just like with cars, circumstances sometimes keep bikes region-bound. The Suzuki Hayabusa, for example, is no longer sold outside the US due to emissions regulations. But the US motorcycle community misses out on models, too. Neither the Czech- nor the Indian-made Jawas are sold here, for instance. And sadly, it seems neither the 2021 Honda …

A Dynojet motorcycle quickshifter
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Does Your Motorcycle Need a Quickshifter?

While the number of available automatic and no-shifting motorcycles is slowly growing, most bikes still use manual transmissions. That means not only learning how to operate a clutch but also how to shift gears smoothly and quickly. One way to speed up shifts on a car is to install a short shifter. And while a …

A rider using the kickstarter on a 1967 Norton P11 motorcycle
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Does a Motorcycle Kickstarter Work Like an Electric Starter Motor?

If you plan on riding a classic motorcycle, you’ll naturally notice several differences compared to a modern bike. Carburetors instead of fuel injectors, for example, and fewer electronics. And depending on how old the motorcycle is, it may have a kickstarter instead of an electric starter. So, how does it work—and is it worth keeping …

A race official inspects a NASCAR carburetor
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How Do You Adjust a Carburetor?

If you’ve been eyeing a classic car or motorcycle, know that their maintenance schedules are typically shorter than their modern counterparts. Oil changes are more frequent, for example. Plus, even the best-kept vintage vehicles are, well, vintage—and time decays all eventually. And one of the biggest changes is learning to live with and adjust a …

A female motorcycle rider reflected in one of her Harley-Davidson mirrors
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Should You Change Your Motorcycle Mirrors?

New jackets and gloves aren’t the only accessories available for motorcyclists. Just like with cars, there are a variety of ways for you to modify your bike, from handlebars to heated grips. And a common modification is swapping out the standard motorcycle mirrors for some aftermarket ones. But is it a modification worth pursuing? Why …

A silver and a red 2021 Ducati Multistrada V4 S on a desert trail
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The 2021 Ducati Multistrada V4 Offers a Real Adventure

Adventure bikes are common choices for those interested in do-it-all motorcycles. They work as good urban commuters, excellent tourers, and, as befits their name, can tackle off-road terrain. Hence why Ducati calls its adventure bike ‘Multistrada,’ for ‘many roads.’ And for 2021, it’s been updated into the Ducati Multistrada V4, complete with some significant industry-first …

A black Dainese Pro-Armor motorcycle jacket
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You Need Motorcycle Armor in More Than Just Your Jacket

A good-fitting helmet is the bare minimum when it comes to motorcycle gear, especially safety-related gear. Naturally, not every rider needs every kind of gear. For example, if you only ride in moderate climates, you probably won’t need heated gear. However, wearing motorcycle armor is definitely a necessity. And it needs to be found elsewhere …

The side view of a red-and-white 2021 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS
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Honda Super Cub C125 vs. Aventon Level E-Bike: Back To Basics

Although mopeds are arguably even easier to own, for much of the world, motorcycles are some of the most affordable motor vehicles. And one of the cheapest is the Honda Super Cub C125, the modern version of the best-selling motor vehicle ever. But thanks to electric motor assistance, e-bikes are able to keep pace with …