An image of a McLaren 765LT out on a private track.
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$400,000 Mclaren 765LT Gets 1,000 HP Thanks to Hennessey

If you’ve seen a McLaren 765LT in action, you’ll already know that it is one of the quickest brand-new cars money can buy. However, for some McLaren owners, 755 hp simply isn’t enough. Given this car’s robust turbocharged engine, it is eager to produce even more power via modifications. This is where Hennessey Performance comes …

An image of a 1995 McLaren F1 in studio.
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It Is Basically Impossible to Total a McLaren F1

Car wrecks are an unfortunately common thing here in the U.S., and we can’t seem to figure out how to stop them. As long as people are safe and the car is insured, life moves on. However, what about the well-heeled among us who total limited supercars that can’t be replaced, and the damages are …

A white Shelby Cobra 289 'Street Cobra'
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This American Sports Car Earned the ‘Greatest Ever’ Title, Not the Legendary McLaren F1

Even though Gordan Murray already designed its spiritual successor, the McLaren F1 still looms large in the automotive consciousness. From its Toyota-Sera-inspired doors to its gold-lined engine bay, it’s a supercar that still feels, well, super. But according to Road & Track, it’s not the best sports car. Instead, that title belongs to the Shelby …

An image of a 1995 McLaren F1 in studio.
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What Happened to El Chapo’s Missing McLaren F1

The chances of you spotting a McLaren F1 out in the wild are almost zero. Out of the 106 F1’s ever built, a significant portion spend their time in private collections or gracing the lawns of concourse shows. These habits are unsurprising when you consider that these hypercars are easily worth up to $21 million, …

A photo of the McLaren Speedtail on track.
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McLaren Speedtail Owner Crashes Brand-New Hypercar on Track

Deliveries of the McLaren Speedtail have begun to ramp up globally. One owner recently attended a McLaren event at Japan’s Fuji Speedway to take their new hypercar on track. Sadly, this is where things took a turn straight into a metal barrier. The limited-edition McLaren smashed head-first, leaking fluids across the asphalt. According to Motor1, …

General view of the 1998 McLaren F1 'LM-Specification' supercar during McLaren's F1 New York media preview
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The Impressive and Tragic History of McLaren

Supercar enthusiasts are fond of the name McLaren, but chances are if you don’t pay attention to these unobtainable exotics, the name has only become recently familiar to you. While the brand has only become popular with the general public within the past few decades, the history of McLaren runs deep. Before the name was …

McLaren posted a photo of an upcoming hybrid supercar on Twitter.
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McLaren Plans to Release a Hybrid Supercar in 2021

McLaren has been having a bit of a tough time financially as of late. In June, the British carmaker tried to leverage its Woking factory and car collection to take out loans. At the beginning of September, we saw McLaren list its headquarters for a measly $259 million, as reported by The Drive. In an …

McLaren 720S Spider is a convertible supercar with a 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 and a 200+ mph top speed.
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This McLaren Has a $9,100 Roof That Tints Itself With Electricity

McLaren is commonly known for its incredible engineering toward performance. However, it has taken their ingenuity in recent years and applied it to their cars’ interiors. The 2020 McLaren 720S Spider is a hardtop convertible that uses a unique element, a glass roof. Naturally, clear glass offers no shade from the sun. McLaren’s engineers thought …

Jay Leno in his Light Car Company Rocket on a California mountain road
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Before the McLaren F1, Gordon Murray Made a Rocket

Even if his latest work, the T.50, hadn’t been well-received, Gordon Murray would always be remembered for the McLaren F1. While it’s no longer the fastest production car in the world, it’s still the fastest naturally-aspirated production car. But even outside its top speed, the McLaren F1 is a marvel of 90s auto engineering. However, …

yellow McLaren P1
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McLaren Just About Dead: Insolvency Days Away

McLaren is scrambling for cash. It’s so desperate it is trying to use its headquarters in Woking, UK, and its classic car collection as collateral for loans. The problem is it already did that exact thing in 2017 to buy out shareholder Ron Dennis for almost $350 million.  Also, it paid for transaction fees, helped …

Miley Cyrus stepping out of her Maserati Quattroporte
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Miley Cyrus Likes Luxury Sport and SUV Versatility

Since Miley Cyrus bought herself a $75,000 Mercedes-Benz convertible for her sweet sixteen, her love for nice cars has only grown. Her celebrity status and hard work as a musician paid off and she keeps a luscious car collection at her disposal. And one thing is certain: Miley has a taste for luxury sports cars …

green McLAren GT Verdant with scissors doors open

Supercars Are Hot, But McLaren’s Might Set You On Fire

McLaren is known for its high-performing vehicles that can compete with the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini. Currently, the British automaker is not in the news for a recent, exotic model announcement but for a concerning safety hazard.  McLaren is recalling over 3,000 vehicles across the U.S. and Canada due to a fuel leak risk …

Toyota Sera doors up

This Obscure Toyota Inspired the McLaren F1 Supercar

Although the latest Bugatti may have eclipsed it in raw speed, the McLaren F1 is still an incredible supercar. Not to mention it’s still the fastest naturally-aspirated production car in the world. Even though it was never designed for racing, a mildly-modified road version won Le Mans outright in 1995. It was the first production …

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Hot New 2020 Models: When Will They Happen Now?

The long-awaited reveal of the 2021 Ford Bronco was supposed to have happened now. The long-anticipated Rivian EV pickup was supposed to be available by Fall. Production of the all-new Chevy Suburban was to have been in full swing. All of these examples and more are on hold because of you know what. Yes, the …

Chevrolet Aveo
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What The Top Three 2020 Presidential Candidates Drive

Every four years, United States presidential candidates try to get the attention of the media as much as possible to pontificate. Their speaking engagements, television interviews, town halls, and bus tours are all arranged so that the voters for the next election can get a better sense of who the candidates are and the direction …

Koenigsegg One:1

7 Crazy Doors You Never Knew Existed

For a normal car, there isn’t much to a door. You pull the handle, and it opens. You get in. You close the door. Maybe your car comes with keyless entry, soft-close doors, or retractable handles, but beyond that, they all work pretty much the same. When you spend a little more money on something …