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How the Fast and Furious Changed Car Shows Forever

For many automotive enthusiasts, the Fast and the Furious franchise had some of our favorite movies and favorite cars. Whether the producer intended to or not, they managed to alter car culture in a pretty significant way. In the early 2000s, the popularity of heavily modified cars skyrocketed, and you can still see a generation …

1973 Tochigi Ford Mustang Mach 1 police car

To Protect and Drift: The Japanese Mustang Mach 1 Police Car

Cops have to match their wheels to their environment. In US cities, for a long time, that meant the ultra-durable Crown Vic. In more rural areas, that might mean a pickup truck or an SUV. For Dubai and its concentrated supercar population, that means other supercars. In Italy during the 1960s, police got Ferraris. You’d …

Modified Ford Mustang
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The Best Netflix Car Shows for Enthusiasts

Top Gear used to be the go-to show for car enthusiasts, but not anymore. After offering numerous car-related movies, Netflix has started making its own car shows. And whether you’re a life-long gearhead or someone new to the passion, these shows should be on your ‘to-binge’ list. Drive to Survive In the US, the dominant …

2019 Dodge Durango SRT overhead shot
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Dodge Durango Hellcat Will Be Fast and Furious

The latest Fast and Furious movie is, as expected, shaping up to feature a smorgasbord of sweet rides. Of course, Dom’s Dodge Charger will make an appearance, joined by its latest descendant, the Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody. It’s just one of the Hellcat-engined vehicles FCA makes; soon, even the Ram Rebel will get it. However, …

Electric GMC Hummer
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Could the Hummer EV Show up in Fast and Furious 9?

Ahead of this year’s Super Bowl car commercials, the trailer for Fast and Furious 9 finally dropped. Up until now, the only thing we’ve really known about the film is a few of the cars that will appear in it. The trailer, though, has already revealed quite a few things about FF9’s contents. However, something that …

Fast & The Furious 6 Los Angeles Premiere
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Fast and Furious 9 Spotted Filming in Georgia

The Fast and the Furious franchise is a favorite among gearheads. This first one was released in 2001 and eight sequels, plus one spinoff followed it. The producers have announced that the main series will have two more films to be released in 2020 and 2021. Filming for the ninth installment is already in progress. …