A blue Tesla Model S travels on a multilane city highway
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Which Tesla Model Has the Longest Range?

Tesla has been making luxury mass-market electric vehicles far longer than any other automaker. Its investments in public charging stations and home charging solutions have made its cars more palatable to EV skeptics. In fact, there’s growing public demand for both new and used models.  For consumers, charging anxiety has posed the most significant obstacle to buying an EV. So it …

The white Polestar 0 Project declaration for carbon neutrality
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Can Polestar Really Make a Carbon-Neutral Car by 2030?

Although gas-powered cars are slowly being supplanted by EVs, ICE technology will stick around for a while yet. This means that even after EVs go mainstream, we’ll still have to deal with vehicle emissions. And while they’re cleaner, electric cars and trucks carry environmental penalties of their own. However, some automakers are trying to address …

The layout of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG E Performance hybrid powertrain
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AMG Is Going All-in on Hybrid and Electric Performance

While the next-gen 2022 SL lineup is fully under AMG control, Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance division is slimming down. Specifically, by cutting down on how many ICE cars it makes. However, all those cars are being replaced. Only instead of relying solely on internal combustion, AMG is fully embracing hybrids and electric vehicles. AMG made electric Mercedes …

A blue Rivian R1T parked on a gravel road in a forest
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Does Rivian Have a Better EV Warranty Than Tesla?

We’re currently counting down the days until the R1T and R1S officially hit Rivian dealerships. But before they do, the American EV company continues to trickle out more information about the potential ownership experience. For example, how it plans to offer charging stations outside of urban environments. And now, Rivian has revealed another bit of …

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, smiling and wearing a black moto jacket, arrives at the Axel Springer Award ceremony in Berlin, Germany, on Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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People Buy Tesla EVs Despite Elon Musk, Survey Says

Elon Musk is a polarizing figure in the automotive industry. But could the Tesla CEO’s bold personality affect whether consumers buy the brand’s electric vehicles? A new study shows why people purchase Tesla EVs. And the answer might surprise you. A survey of Tesla EV drivers A survey from the market research firm Escalent asked …

A silver 2021 BMW i3 compact electric car on a city road in front of modern glass buildings
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The 2021 BMW i3 Doesn’t Actually Go That Far

Electric cars are the future, and almost every automaker is pursuing that technology. One of them is BMW. And though it makes fast and luxurious EVs, it also makes smaller and more practical EVs. One of those is the compact BMW i3. However, it isn’t as practical as it may want to be. The BMW …

The Jeep Magneto EV concept in Moab
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Wait, the Jeep Magneto Is a Stick Shift EV?

The 2021 Jeep Easter Safari spawned an exciting gathering of Jeeps, including the Jeep Magneto, which is a real game-changer. The Jeep Magneto is a stick-shift EV. If you found this information to be shocking, you aren’t alone.  The Jeep Magneto Stick-Shift EV Concept  Say what? The Jeep Magneto concept is a stick-shift EV? According …

A red Tesla Model S four-door electric car on display during the London Motor & Tech Show at ExCel on May 16, 2019, in London, England
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Is the Tesla Model S Worth $60,000 Over the Model Y?

No stranger to controversy, Tesla CEO Elon Musk seems to get a kick out of rubbing people the wrong way. However, Musk has single-mindedly (rather than single-handedly) reshaped not only the world as we know it but also the future. While the Roadster has its place in history, the Tesla Model S transformed how the …

A dark photo of a Tesla Semi truck concept vehicle with its headlights on in front of mountains
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How Much Does a Tesla Semi Cost?

The Tesla Semi concept was born only a few years ago in 2017. The vehicle is a Class 8 all-electric-powered semi-tractor unit still in development. Although the EV maker planned to begin production this year, CNBC reported Tesla put that on hold until it can make its own lithium-ion battery cells. CEO Elon Musk said …

A red Tesla Roadster travels on a highway along brown hills dotted with trees
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How Much Does a New Tesla Roadster Cost?

The Tesla Roadster is a battery-electric supercar. Its chassis is based on the rear-wheel-drive, mid-engine Lotus Elise from British manufacturer Lotus Cars. But one of the big differences between the Tesla Roadster and the Lotus Elise is that the former is a four-seater, while the latter seats only two. Typical roadsters are two-seaters, but Tesla’s …

2021 Tesla Model S driving during sunset
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How Many Miles Will a Tesla Model S Last?

The Tesla Model S boasts an estimated range of more than 400-miles. While that’s certainly impressive, you might also be curious how many miles a Model S will actually last. And not just on a single charge. Fortunately, we’ve got the inside scoop on how many miles a Tesla Model S will last. How reliable …

The rear 3/4 view of the black Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo prototype driving up a curving forested backroad
Hybrids & Electrics

Can the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Really Go Off-Road?

Though prized for their luxury status, Porsche’s cars are often more capable than many think—especially outside of a paved racetrack. The Cayenne has competed in rallies, for example, as have vintage 924s. Even the compact Macan crossover can take to the dirt somewhat. But what about the upcoming electric Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo? The Porsche …

A red-and-white 2021 Microlino 2.0 pre-production prototype with two passengers
Hybrids & Electrics

The Microlino Is a Modern Electric BMW Isetta via Switzerland

As electric powertrain swaps give classic cars second lives, some companies are starting the other way around. Bugatti, for example, resurrected its Baby as a small-scale EV. Alpha’s ACE Coupe also has a few retro-ish elements. And now, a Switzerland-based electric scooter company has released its own classic-inspired car. It’s called the Microlino, and its …

A person rides a Spin e-scooter in San Francisco
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New Remote-Controlled E-Scooter From Ford-Owned Spin Will Calm Angry Residents

What happens when you provide millions of random people with electric-powered scooters to do with as they please? You prompt bans and the near-collapse of the e-scooter industry. In November 2018, Ford Smart Mobility acquired the e-scooter company Spin for $100 million. Now, with American citizens and officials growing fed up with e-scooters cluttering their …

General Motors President Mark Reuss announces on January 27, 2020, a $2.2 billion investment at its Detroit- Hamtramck (MI) assembly plant to produce a variety of all-electric trucks and SUVs.
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Is GM’s Plan to Go Electric by 2035 Just a Pipe Dream?

GM recently announced it hopes to go electric by 2035. The news came toward the end of January and quickly made headlines globally. While many media reports have generally praised General Motors for aspiring to produce zero-emissions trucks, we have to wonder about the automaker’s word choice. There’s a significant difference between aspiring to do …

A black-and-white rendering of the Bollinger B2 electric pickup truck
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Is the 2021 Bollinger B2 Dangerous?

Tesla’s Cybertruck has attracted plenty of attention, but another electric pickup is expected to debut this year. That’s the Bollinger B2. The truck carries a hefty price tag, but its safety features are lacking. Does that make the Bollinger B2 dangerous? Here’s what we know about this upcoming EV. The Bollinger B2 at a glance …

A camo-wrapped 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQA during winter testing on a snow-covered road
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Will the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQA Avoid a U.S. Release?

Our streets and highways still see millions of internal combustion engines, but their era seems to be nearing an end. And Tesla isn’t the only manufacturer looking to hasten an end to the gas-powered vehicles. Mercedes-Benz made this clear almost five years ago when it announced its EQ series, a platform developed for electric drivetrains. …

The Tesla logo on the nose of a red electric sedan
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How Many Cars Does Tesla Sell?

Tesla has become a well-known automaker, particularly with the growing interest in electric vehicles. But how many cars does Tesla actually sell? Interest doesn’t always translate to sales. The Elon Musk-led company is becoming one of the most popular names in the automotive world. Its cars look cool and boast cutting-edge technology. But do Tesla’s …

The silhouette of a forthcoming an Kia electric SUV with green lighting in the background
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Kia Reveals New EV Lineup With Ominous Photos

The past couple of years have been positive for electric vehicles. Many automotive journalists and bloggers were betting on 2020 as the year of the EV. Then along came a pandemic, and many manufacturers postponed their plans. That included Kia. But earlier this month, the automaker announced exciting plans to release a full EV model …

The side 3/4 view of a pink 2021 Porsche Taycan with its door open
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The EPA Claims the 2021 Porsche Taycan Has More Range

Fuel-efficiency, or rather, energy-efficiency claims are important consumer concerns, especially for those buying EVs. And compared to some of its rivals—especially Tesla’s models—the Porsche Taycan didn’t fare as well in EPA testing. However, for the 2021 model year, it appears the Taycan has found some extra range. But has it? The EPA has new estimates …

2022 Subaru EV SUV
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The New Subaru EV Is Powered by Toyota

Wait, what? A new Subaru EV is on the way? Yes, the 2022 Electric Subaru will be here soon, and it will be powered by Toyota. Sneak peeks show an incredibly confident look that could change the way people think about Subieville.  The 2022 Subaru EV is coming  According to Torque News, Subaru and Toyota are …

A bright-green TerraTrike Rambler EVO recumbent e-trike
2 Wheels

Can You Get a Recumbent Trike as an E-Bike?

Although e-bikes aren’t necessarily ‘traditional’ EVs, they do boost your pedaling with an electric motor. Some models don’t even require you to pedal. And several motoring companies—including Jeep, Triumph, and Harley-Davidson—are getting into the e-bike game alongside existing bicycle brands. But, while you can turn a ‘normal’ bicycle into an e-bike, can you do the …

A silver 2021 Sondors Metacycle in a warehouse
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E-Bike Maker Sondors Has a $5000 Electric Motorcycle

As e-bikes grow in popularity, they’re starting to edge into the territory and price category of cheap urban-focused motorcycles. In fact, a few motorcycle companies, including Triumph and Ducati, have branched out to e-bikes to reach more customers. But the reverse is also possible, as e-bike maker Sondors has demonstrated with its Metacycle electric motorcycle. …