Consumer Reports has spent over 85 years testing cars and has become a great source of automotive insight. They share tips, such as how to have safe RV adventures, which SUVs or sedans of specific brands to avoid, and which SUVs or sedans you should take a closer look at. Their reliability rating is very detailed and gives a consumer great insight on how reliable the model can be.

Consumer Reports also deals with the importance of maintenance, such a replacing  your headlights, and cars that are repair intensive. The recommendations regarding their selections, like best SUV under $30,000, how to choose between a new and used SUV, and cars that have the best visibility and the worst visibility. This is a great place to start to better understand Consumer Reports and what information they have to offer in a quick and efficient way with expanded information on the topic. If you are looking to purchase a new vehicle it is best to do your research first.