A partial close-up view of three racing tires with the red Pirelli logo on them
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Why You Should Never Buy a Tire Based on Its Warranty

If you’ve driven cars, you’ve likely experienced a flat tire at some point. Whether it’s a blowout on the highway or deflation in your driveway, a flat is a major inconvenience. Your first instinct might be to call road service. Or you speed-dial your insurance company, knowing your policy covers roadside assistance. Or you might …

J.D. Power president and CEO Dave Habiger and TV host Jimmy Kimmel on the set of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' in 2018
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Will J.D. Power Founder’s Death Change the Company?

The market research site J.D. Power lost its namesake, James David Power III, at the age of 89 this past January. The company he founded, known for its auto industry data, is trusted by car companies and consumers alike. With his practical insights and critical data derived from detailed customer experience, Power is credited with …

The Lyft logo displayed on a smartphone in a person's left hand
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Here’s How You Can Rent a Car From Lyft

There are many reasons to hire rental cars. You might need one after flying to a new destination. Or you might rent a car for a long road trip to avoid wear-and-tear on your vehicle. Or maybe yours is inaccessible or unavailable. Whatever the reason, it’s good to know your car rental options. And you …

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Are Sports Cars Really More Expensive to Insure?

Buying a sports car is exciting, however, having to buy car insurance can be a drag. Considering your technically paying monthly, semi-annually, or annually for coverage in the case that something “might” happen to your car, insurance can be looked at as being an unnecessary expense. And that expense can fluctuate depending on what kind …

Zipcar rental cars include this white-and-green van parked in a Yonge Street parking lot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Is Zipcar Cheaper Than Renting a Car?

The car rental industry continues to shift during the pandemic. And one of the more recent solutions to consumers’ rental needs is Zipcar. This car-sharing subscription service existed long before COVID-19. But with a surging need for on-demand rental options, Zipcar is growing. In fact, it might even be in a city near you. However, is renting through Zipcar …

A multi-colored Rothmans-liveried 1988 Porsche 911 Turbo Cup in a warehouse
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Rad For Sale Is Your One-Stop Radwood Auction Shop

Auction sites like Cars and Bids are a great tool for those searching for their next car. Especially for those after a classic vehicle, or a performance-oriented modern one. The former one especially comes in handy for those wishing to bring in something for Radwood. This is why the car festival’s organizers have started an …

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5 Cars That Might Not Last 100,000 Miles

If you’re in the market for a used car, then there’s a good possibility that reliability is high on your list. A good, reliable car can not only last you for many years and many miles, but it can also cut down on your ownership costs during the time that you have it. And if …

A worker applies Chemical Guys Tire Kicker tire shine
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Should You Shine Your Car Tires?

Washing your car isn’t just about improving its appearance—it’s a form of maintenance, too. But, as with any task, doing it wrong can cause damage, as can going too far in the pursuit of a quality shine. Speaking of shine, detailing often involves giving your car’s tires a good shine. But is that something you …

A black Valentine V1 Gen2 radar detector with its Bluetooth and red directional arrows lit up
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Is Investing in a Radar Detector Worth It?

From new windshield wipers to extra power outlets, there are plenty of accessories available to make life easier for motorists. And if you’re planning a road trip, one common recommendation is a police radar detector. Anyone with a history of speeding tickets would likely consider it a must-have. But is it an accessory worth buying? …

a man pumps diesel fuel into a car
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Is Buying a Diesel Car Worth it?

Once upon a time, vehicles with diesel-powered engines were known to be dirty, smelly, and loud. However, as time went on, diesel technology improved drastically and during the early 2010s, automakers like Volkswagen, Audi, and even Chevrolet were producing diesel cars that were popular with the general public at the time. But now that diesel …

A blue and white Alaska vanity license plate reading, "Snow me"
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2 Nazi License Plates Got a State DMV in Trouble

Cruising down the highway in an expensive sports car is a surefire way to catch other drivers’ attention. But realistically, most people don’t have the bank account to support that type of self-expression. That’s where personalized license plates come in. For a small fee, drivers can select a unique combination of letters and numbers to …

A black Porsche Taycan drifts on wet pavement
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What Is Snap Oversteer and Why Is it Dangerous?

Have you ever wanted a mid-engine, rear-drive car like a Toyota MR2 or a Honda S2000? If so, then you’ve probably done your research as far as the current market pricing of the car, its specs, and maybe even some worthwhile modifications you would do in the future. During your research about either car, you …

Honda vehicles for sale at a dealership
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What Is a Vehicle Monroney Sticker?

Every new car has a vehicle Monroney sticker. If you’ve ever heard someone talking about cars and they say something like “check the Monroney,” you may wonder what the heck that means. You’ll see them grace many a window if you are buying a new car and shopping models. What is a Monroney decal and …

The all-new 2021 Jeep® Grand Cherokee L interior
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How to Add Satellite Radio to an Older Car

Does anyone really listen to satellite radio anymore? Actually, according to Statista, there were around 34.4 million Sirius XM satellite subscribers as of the third quarter of 2020. And while that doesn’t mean that every subscriber actually makes use of their satellite radio function, it’s safe to say that there are millions that actually do. …

The 2017 Tucson's rearview camera
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How to Add a Backup Camera to Your Car

Backup, or rearview, cameras have been widely popular over the past decade due to their widespread use in new cars as well as the added layer of safety they provide. Of course, having a backup camera in your car doesn’t mean that you can completely forgo looking over your shoulder to ensure that the coast …

The intake manifold, throttle body, and throttle cable of a 1999 Mazda MX-5 Miata
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Your Throttle Cable Could Use an Adjustment

Getting an internal-combustion engine up and running requires a lot of moving parts. And without proper maintenance, the entire process can grind (sometimes literally) to a halt. Hence why fuel injectors sometimes need cleaning and spark plugs need changing, and so on. But some maintenance items need attention even if the part in question isn’t …

A low-angle shot of the 2020 Honda Civic Type R's wing
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A Car Spoiler Is Not the Same Thing as a Wing

Spoilers, whether factory equipment or aftermarket accessories are usually visual shorthand for a performance-oriented car. Or at least a vehicle pretending to be one. Given their shape, car spoilers are understandably often referred to as wings. However, although these terms are often used interchangeably, they’re not synonymous. Wings don’t help cars fly—they help them not …

A Citroen with its fog lights on drives on a foggy British roadway
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Do Fog Lights Really Help You See Through Fog?

Whether you plan on upgrading to LED headlights or sticking with halogens, your car’s lights are vital accessories.  But as bright as they’ve gotten in modern times, trying to drive through a foggy night can still leave you blinded. Given their name, you would expect fog lights to be the perfect solution. But do they …

The 2021 Genesis GV80's white-and-brown 2-spoke steering wheel
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Why Don’t More Cars Have 2-Spoke Steering Wheels?

Until a truly self-driving vehicle finally appears, cars will continue to need steering wheels. But just because cars need steering wheels doesn’t mean they all need the same one. That’s part of the reason why aftermarket wheels are available in the first place. And yet, for all the variety in wheel design, only a handful …

Jay Leno's 1959 Daimler Ferret Mk 2 scout car
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Jay Leno Ferrets Out an Armored Scout Car’s Secrets

Modern technology means that armored cars can be more discrete than their forebears. Discretion, though, goes out the window when you’re talking about ex-military vehicles, especially vintage ones. The subject of Jay Leno’s latest video, a 1959 Daimler Ferret armored scout car, is just such an example. But the armor plating is just the tip …

Setting up the 2020 Porsche 911 Turbo S's launch control system
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What Does Launch Control Actually Do?

From more power to stickier tires to sportier and stiffer suspension, high-performance cars benefit from a variety of accessories, features, and tools. And nowadays, launch control is a common sight amongst such vehicles. Even a few motorcycles like the Ducati Panigale and Streetfighter offer it. But how does launch control benefit your car? And can …

A race official inspects a NASCAR carburetor
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How Do You Adjust a Carburetor?

If you’ve been eyeing a classic car or motorcycle, know that their maintenance schedules are typically shorter than their modern counterparts. Oil changes are more frequent, for example. Plus, even the best-kept vintage vehicles are, well, vintage—and time decays all eventually. And one of the biggest changes is learning to live with and adjust a …

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Do ‘Odometer Fraud’ Scams Still Happen Today?

Finding the perfect used car can come with a lot of headaches and crossed fingers depending on what kind of shape it’s in. And while we always advise getting a pre-purchase inspection done when you purchase a used car, there could be hidden issues that you might find out about later on. One such issue …

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5 Tips For Finding the Right Auto Body Shop

Let’s face it, accidents happen. And whether or not your most recent accident was caused by another vehicle or just something as simple as hitting a pole when backing up, you’re likely faced with having to find a reputable body shop to repair the damage. However, with so many different body shops in the area, …