Prince 1984 Purple Rain Tour bus camper conversion
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Do #VanLife Like Prince – Purple Rain Style

Ok, I know we do this three to four times a week, but I think this time we have actually found THE end all, be all, of #vanlife dream vans. It may not be the most practical or best in any measurable way, but it is the best camper bus in our hearts. Full stop. …

Several different styles of yellow buses built by the Thomas Built Buses Company
Hybrids & Electrics

Electric School Bus Sales Are Booming

The school bus, the twinkie, the big cheese, the cheese log, the cheese wagon… these are all nicknames for what is familiar to all of us as the school bus. All of us have seen them. Many of us have waited for them. A few of us have accidentally climbed aboard the wrong one. But …

Navigation nowhere bus front in the forest
Marine & RVs

Living Large in This Incredible School Bus Tiny Home RV

If you’ve ever thought of living off the grid or traveling the country in a motorhome, tiny house, camper or RV is the ideal lifestyle, this bus is the stuff of dreams. However, it’s not only aesthetically pleasing both interior and exterior. The bus also fully functions as a tiny home. You can live large …

The yellow 2020 Safe-T-Liner school bus.
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School Bus RV Conversions Are a Thing

The recreational vehicle industry has been the recipient of a lot of business due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. It seems people prefer to get out beyond the confines of their home, but prefer to travel in an RV versus stay in a hotel or mingle with crowds at airports. However, some people prefer to …

a Tata Nano press photo against a light backdrop
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Is Tata Motors a Real Auto Corporation?

If you’ve perused a few car blogs or read enough automotive news, you’ve probably come across the name ‘Tata Motors.’ But what is that, exactly? It’s in India, right? How much of the US market does Tata Motors own? Is it actually a real auto corporation? What is Tata Motors? Tata Motors previously called itself …

Mitsubishi Delica Off-Road conversion | Platinum
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Car Camping Essentials

There are a lot of Youtube channels and Facebook Groups out there dedicated to #vanlife and #homeiswhereyouparkit. Vans or busses that are converted into living quarters are at the center of these communities. The idea is that people can take their belongings with them and travel almost anywhere. But not everybody can convert such a van or bus. Some people …

1961 Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier

The Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier Was GM’s VW Bus

Although you don’t necessarily need a van for overlanding or on-the-road living, some of them are quite capable both on- and off-pavement. From Japan, there’s the Mitsubishi Delica, for one. But arguably the progenitor of the #vanlife movement is the VW Vanagon, and its predecessor, the VW Bus (‘Microbus’). However, back in the 60s, the …