Three BMWs driving down a wet mountain road
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The BMW X3 Hybrid is the Surprising Winner of This Title

The BMW X3 sits comfortably between the category of entry-level luxury SUVs and full-scale luxury SUVs. For the price, it offers everything you’re looking for without requiring the same monthly payments of some of the brand’s more expensive models. With the hybrid drivetrain option, the 2021 BMW X3 wins its spot at the top with …

A BMW 4 Series sedan is on display at a shopping mall
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Dangerous Airbag Malfunction Leads to New BMW Vehicle Recall

BMW is well-known for its sporty and luxurious cars, but BMW’s not perfect by any means. Like many other automakers, it’s had its fair share of troubles, and some of those issues are more dangerous than others. Here’s a look at the most recent recall involving BMWs and their airbag issues.  Almost 2,000 BMWs are …

Taobao BMW M3 fascia for 2000s 5-Series sedans | Taobao
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Proof These BMW Enthusiasts Are Car Crazy!

Proof that money can’t buy good taste or that many don’t know good design from bad, we present this 2021 BMW M3 conversion fascia. Yes, you too can join the ranks of design-blind Bimmer enthusiasts that can’t afford the latest M3 and shouldn’t want it anyway. Of course, that would be because of the beaver …

BMW X5 is a midsize luxury SUV on display at Brussels Expo
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German Rivals Were No Match for the 2021 BMW X5

A perennial favorite on the luxury sedan list for a long time, BMW is turning heads in the luxury SUV market as well. A top performer on BMW’s 2021 SUV lineup, which has gained considerable attention among auto critics is its midsize offering, the BMW X5. While working to top the midsize luxury SUV list …

BMW and Mini logos on signs at a car dealership with a blue sky in the background
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Does BMW Own Mini?

Noticing the United Kingdom’s Union Jack featured in Mini cars’ design, most people probably assume it’s a British company. They’d be partially correct. But with all the buying and selling of brands in the auto industry, Mini’s history isn’t that simple. Though it’s an iconic British brand, it also has German ties. Here’s a look …

A lineup of BMW SUVs
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Is the 2021 BMW X1 Recommended by Consumer Reports?

Buying a new luxury SUV doesn’t have to mean breaking your budget. In fact, there are a handful of affordable options that are still reasonably priced brand new. That doesn’t mean downgrading to an option that holds a questionable position as an entry-level luxury SUV, either, as BMW and Audi both have their options for …

An image of an Audi A4 parked outdoors.
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Best 2021 Midsize Luxury Cars According to Consumer Reports

With more luxury cars available than ever before, it can be tough to pick between them. Luckily, Consumer Reports combined its own testing and survey data to pick the best luxury cars that should be on your radar. While there are various segments covered in this list, today, we’ll focus on midsized cars, typically costing …

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Why Do People Lease BMWs?

Owning and driving a BMW is one of the most sought-after experiences for those in the market for a new car and, thanks to leasing, it’s one very obtainable one. In fact, most of the new BMWs that you see driving next to you, or blowing past you, on the freeway are most likely leased. …

A dark blue 2021 BMW X5 SUV on display
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Is the 2021 BMW X5 Recommended by Consumer Reports?

The 2021 BMW X5 is another production year of the higher-end luxury SUV, with plenty of options to chose from. BMW fans have loved the vehicle for its versatility, practicality, and BMW performance as well as luxury, and the 2021 model year is no different. With so many things working for the BMX X5, there …

A blue BMW X5 M on display
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Does the 2021 BMW X5 Offer a V8 Engine Option?

In a market where every manufacturer seems to be pushing towards all-electric models, petrol heads fear the loss of the beloved V8 engine. While it’s likely that a majority of cars may be electric in the future, V8 engines will always hold a place in the automotive world. Under the hood of a sports car, …

A silver 2021 BMW i3 compact electric car on a city road in front of modern glass buildings
Hybrids & Electrics

The 2021 BMW i3 Doesn’t Actually Go That Far

Electric cars are the future, and almost every automaker is pursuing that technology. One of them is BMW. And though it makes fast and luxurious EVs, it also makes smaller and more practical EVs. One of those is the compact BMW i3. However, it isn’t as practical as it may want to be. The BMW …

a gray BMW i3 pictured through a green frame
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The 2021 BMW i3 is Still Awkwardly Adorable

The market for electric vehicles has expanded to include everything from small cars to semi-trucks. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to sift through all of the options to decide what’s worth the test drive, and even more difficult, what’s worth your final purchase. For the right driver, something as …

A blue BMW X5 M on display
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The 2020 BMW X5 has an Absurd Number of Recalls

The BMW X5 is one of the brand’s more popular luxury SUV options. With the newest updates, the current generation of the car looks better than ever, featuring modern touches that still reflect back on the BMW heritage with styling choices like the classic kidney bean grilles — unlike some newer BMW options that feature …

A Kia Stinger gets a lot of views at an auto show

Kia Stinger vs. BMW 3-Series – Which is More Fun?

The 2022 Kia Stinger is a highly anticipated new arrival on the market. We don’t know very much about the 2022 BMW 3-Series yet, but we can look at the 2021 version for hints. As far as the 2021 Stinger and 3 Series, both cars have a lot of similarities. If you consider one of …

A white 2011 BMW 3 Series coupe in a white studio
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BMW Would Love a Redo on the 2011-2013 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series, known as a great entry-level luxury car, has seen many improvements over the years. With the latest model, you can get good fuel economy, plenty of high-tech features, and a comfortable driving experience.  But a few model years saw some critical issues, Consumer Reports points out. The years CR says to …