A white fifth wheel RV trailer is set in a snow-capped valley with a lake behind it.

3 of the Best Travel Trailers You Can Get for Under $50,000

Looking for a new RV or travel trailer is exciting. But once you start evaluating prices, the fun can quickly sour. While it’s true that RV travel trailers get expensive, there are some bargain buys out there. Here are some of the best travel trailers you can get for under $50K.  Micro Minnie  Winnebagos are known for being luxurious and …

An RV tows a Jeep and outdoors gear while filling up its gas tank
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Are Campers and RVs Really That Bad on Gas?

Many adventurers across the U.S. have a great love of RVing. It’s a great way to save money on travel because you’ve got accommodations and transportation covered. And with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it presents a safer solution for social distancing. Pack for your trip, stock the RV, and you’re ready to go. The one challenge …

vintage coachmen leprechaun
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Buying a Vintage Camper Could Be a Huge Mistake

The couple in these videos usually records stories of themselves on various trips around the world. During lockdowns this year, however, they decided to search for––and buy––a vintage 1970s camper. The vintage camper RV is a Coachmen Leprechaun. At first it’s exciting, but after a few months of work on renovating it, the two may …

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Why Are Teardrop Campers So Popular?

Do you want to experience the great outdoors without having to buy a massive RV camper? Then something smaller, like a teardrop camper might suit your needs. These towable campers have a much smaller footprint than their family-sized RV siblings and technically have less to offer, so why are they so popular? Teardrop campers are …

A view of a restored 2003 Sea-N-Sport boat.
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$100 Boat Purchase Turns Out To Be a Gem

Florida is known for its palm trees, car culture, beaches, and boats. Not surprisingly, there are so many boats in that area of the country that occasionally buyers come across some incredible deals. One gentleman found a used 2003 Sea-N-Sport boat that he was able to purchase for $100. At that price, the vessel came …

The Airstream Basecamp travel trailer is parked by a campfire.
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RV Living Disasters to Avoid

An RV is a tool to get you to your adventure destination and provide shelter. RV living has its challenges, though. It is not all spectacular sunsets and campfires. Surprises happen that can disrupt schedules and mental or emotional stability for the moment. Not test driving an RV can lead to a disaster Test drive …

A camper van travels from the England to Wales over Bigsweir Bridge which spans the River Wye between Wales and England
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Why Are RVs So Expensive and Poorly Made?

Recreational vehicle sales spiked earlier this year and haven’t slowed down. RVs are available in many sizes, powertrains, and some of them are as fancy as an upscale hotel suite. However, some experienced owners, like over at Curbed, say that you should avoid buying a new RV. One couple discovered that their RV’s suspension was …

A man riding on his Boston Whaler
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2020 Is a Banner Year for Boat Sales

Outdoors related industries have seen a big boom in business during the global COVID-19 pandemic. People have been searching for ways to get out of their homes without being in stuck in masses at airports, bus stations, and cruise ships. We’ve already covered how RV manufacturers have had to balance shutting down plants while trying …

An RV towing a car refuels at a gas station
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You Are Probably Overlooking the Easiest Way To Save Fuel on Your RV

Because pandemic lockdowns have eliminated the use of beachfront hotels and resorts, many families have turned to a more traditional form of vacation; the camper. However, the costs of maintaining an RV, especially as new regulations force manufacturers to modify their engines, can cause unwanted stress when you are supposed to be relaxing. The less-than-stellar fuel economy of RVs …